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Byzantine Print Tunic Blouse

Byzantine Print Tunic Blouse

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  1. Step into an era of grace and sophistication with our Byzantine Print Blouse, a masterpiece that seamlessly fuses classic style with contemporary flair. The captivating Byzantine-inspired print gracing the fabric exudes an air of timeless charm, featuring intricate patterns reminiscent of the splendid mosaics found in Byzantine art. The blouse boasts a refined collar that adds a touch of tailored elegance to your ensemble, while the long sleeves offer a graceful silhouette and provide versatility for various occasions. The thoughtful combination of a modern cut with Byzantine aesthetics makes this blouse a statement piece, perfect for both casual and formal settings. Embrace the allure of the past while staying effortlessly chic in this collared masterpiece with long sleeves.

Fabric and care

* 100% Viscose

*Follow care label instructions

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